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Deer Camp - 2008 - Camp Fish
Fish Lake, MN
2008 CREW: Al, Drew, Kenny, Gary, Bob, Greg, Johnny, Ben, Tony, Terry and Son, Craig, John Owen showed up to say hello on Saturday, Winnie the Camp Dog...
(Drew will tell me if I missed some fellow Hunters)
November 7-9, 2008

The first harvest on Saturday...
The Stable of Camp Fish 4x4 Iron Horses...
Winnie, the Wonderful Camp Fish Mascot!
The Stable of Camp Fish 4x4 Iron Horses...
Kenny setting up the Deer Pole
The Deer Pole weighed about 385 pounds...
Johnny, caught in a camera cross-fire
How many years in a row do I have Greg cutting out the tenderloins?
Greg does this duty every year, I swear
Video of the bacon-wrapped duck (4MB WMV)

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