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Deer Camp - Camp Fish - 2009
Fish Lake, MN - Drew, Al, Gary, Ben, Tony, Terry and Mike
November 7-9, 2009

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Drew's doe that he shot down in the
Duluth archery hunt. If you want to see it get fully gutted out, click here (warning-graphic!)
Gary & Ben's big monster buck. Yes, they both shot at it, so they sort of share credit for it.
Weekend Two
Drew, Al, Gary, John, Chris, Bob, Greg, Johnny and Tony
November 14-15, 2009
Early light, Saturday morning.
The pile of wood Gary split earlier in the week.
Winnie stretching out.
Breakfast at the Eagle Nest.
Al sporting an Alfalfa hairdo.
John, Chris and Gary.
Drew and Al on the way to the first island drive.
Bob's nice 8-pointer.
Noah's Missouri Buck
Camp Marden - 8 Whitetails on Opener Weekend - North of Duluth
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